Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Triple Blossom Punch

 The Warner Girls

Maree, Sonia & Karen and myself - had a day of card making on Sunday.  We concentrated on Valentines Day cards to take to our various workplaces.  All up 14 cards were created. 

We also did a "Make and Take" using the new Triple Blossom Punch.

I had used the punch on my example pictured here which I made the night before.  Upon demonstrating how the punch works with much enthusiasm it decided not to work for me :(.   A perfect time to use my improvising skills.  So sometimes things do not quite go to plan.   The girls ended up making wonderful cards regardless of a malfunction!!
After help from the wonderful team at Demonstrator Support I now realize that you have to put a little muscle behind these new triple style punches and use on a hard flat surface.  Standing up and firm even punching is also a handy hint to know.  I think I have now mastered the technique for this new punch and am really loving it  

All in all it was a very productive day and many cards were made and many laughs were had.  This year we have decided to make sure we meet at least every 6 weeks to boost our store of cards for sales and catch up on any new techniques and ideas. I will add the date of the next gathering in my events.  If anyone is interested in joining us just email me via this blog.

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