Friday, 3 August 2012

Road Trip Brisbane to Darwin Day 3

Day 3 and we don't have to travel anywhere today yay!  We can walk to both the Stockman's Hall of Fame and the Qantas Museum.   The Stockman's Hall of Fame was full of very interesting memorabilia.  Below James and Noel are standing beside a wagon that travelled around the outback selling everything you would need.  We saw the Show also that ran for over an hour and it not only kept us laughing the whole time but also showed how they used the cattle dogs to round up the cattle and also a working camel and how to hook up a bullock dray.  Luke was the story teller and what a fabulous job he did.  He told a great outback yarn and told his audience a poem of the outback the whole time he hooked up his 8 bullock dray........absolutely fabulous.  I can recommend that whenever you come to Longreach you cannot miss the live show at the Hall of Fame.

After the Hall of Fame we walked across the highway to the Qantas Museum.  We missed the last tour of the airplanes so just had a walk around the outside to see the 747 that was the last plane delivered to Longreach for the museum.

We spent the afternoon sitting beside the Thompson River - the largest inland Australian river that does not flow into the ocean.   Instead it flows into Lake Eyre.  Noel had a good old fashioned steak and pepper pie which we bought at the local bakery and he introduced the local Aussie delicacy to James who was a bit unsure at first......then ate half of Noel's pie in the end.  He was converted :)

The day ended with a BBQ beside the pool at the hotel - The Albert Park Motor Inn -  and a glass of red wine.  We finished the bottle of red sitting out the front of the room watching the sun set and he birds come home to roost in the trees surrounding the hotel.

Tomorrow we will be on the road again making our way to Mt Isa.
Talk to you all again tomorrow night from Mt Isa - our last stop in Queensland.

Happy stamping and won't be long now till our new catalogue.....can't wait

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